Figure 1: Cost of Cancer in Malaysia

When the dreaded Big C struck, emotion of a person is not the only one affected. The cost of treatment is so high that without a medical card, it is next to impossible to afford. However, if I already have a medical card, do I still need Critical Illness insurance coverage? The answer is YES! Critical Illness provides money straight to your bank account upon diagnosis of any 45 Critical Illnesses (cancer being top of the list). With that, daily living expenses (food, transportation, etc) will be taken care of.

Figure 2: Great Eastern now provides coverage for 45 Critical Illnesses

With Great Eastern now covering 45 critical illnesses, why not take some time to re-look at your coverage for Critical Illness. One’s emotion will be affected for sure, but rest assured financially one will be taken care of with adequate coverage.

Question is: How much Critical Illness coverage do I need today? Speak to me and allow me to share with you, without any obligation.