Figure 1: Are you a recipient under this unclaimed?

Estate planning may not be new today, but not many are aware of its importance. A whopping close to RM60 billion has not been claimed by the deceased family in Malaysia. A big chunk is from bank accounts, fixed deposits and insurance payouts. Why, you may ask considering it is so straight-forward? Not really, it seems. All assets (bank accounts, property, etc) will be frozen temporarily when one passed away. Depending if the deceased has a will or without a will, it will take some time (6 months to 2 years) to unfroze the assets. Even then, the deceased assets may be subject deduction from Inland Revenue Board (IRB) and creditors.

Figure 2: Great Eastern provide financial solution for Estate planning and every stage of life

With proper estate planning or simply put, legacy planning (where one’s money will go to after passed away), one will know for sure if there’s sufficient money for the family. With that, a peace of mind will be achieved.

Question is: Have you planned for Estate or Legacy Planning? Speak to me and allow me to share with you, without any obligation.