Figure 1: Wise words of Warren Buffett

Most people will simply spend or pay off expenses after receiving their salary. But, if one just follows Warren Buffett’s wise words, one may not need to worry about retirement funds again.

Figure 2: EPF savings may not be enough post retirement

Meanwhile, we ask the golden question: Why is it so hard to save regularly? The only logic explanation is there is always something I need/ they need (parents). From holiday packages to gadgets, from milk powder to the piano classes, savings today is harder than ever. We simply need discipline and a proven system to save continuously.

Figure 3: Cost of delay

The painful truth is that saving today will be less daunting than 5 years or 10 years later. This is simply called Cost of Delay.

Question is: Do you wish you can save more today? How realistic is your retirement goal? Is it possible to enjoy a golden retirement? Speak to me and allow me to share with you, without any obligation.